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Power Control Engineers love staying up to date with all the latest news around network service providers - so you don't have to - and recently attended the Ausgrid ASP3 Seminar in Waitara, New South Wales. Here is a snapshot of the key takeaways:

#1 - Fee Structure Changes

From Jan 2019, standard Ausgrid fees will increase to include a basic provision for re-checking fees; a common risk for Level 3 Designers like Power Control Engineers. Historically, although Ausgrid fees were excluded from fee proposals, ASP3's would often include some provision for Ausgrid re-checking fees originating from unforeseen design requirements and/or changes.  With these changes to the Ausgrid fee structure, the commercial risk of re-checking fees is relieved; meaning compulsory Level 3 Design pricing should be more consistent, easier to compare and ultimately, lower!

#2 - Asset Relocation Changes

From Jan 2019, there will be a new type of application for asset relocation where no customer service is being impacted - such as a power pole relocation on a main road - which will expedite the approval process and ultimately, speed up your project. In the meantime, Ausgrid will review the current National Electricity Connection Form (NECF) and, under certain circumstances, may provide some relaxation on their use. For example; for a sub-division, Ausgrid may accept a direct application to contestability in lieu of the current NECF process.  

#3 New Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform  

In 2019, Ausgrid will launch a new CRM system to enable customers, ASP's, Ausgrid and other stakeholders to share project information, updates etc. The new platform will increase transparency of contestable projects and aid in customer understanding - and tracking - of the process. 

There were also several procedural and technical updates discussed including; ASP accreditation and authorisation changes, composite fibreglass poles delayed and substation internal design review to be conducted.

If you would like more information on these changes or, to discuss anything ASP3 related, talk to an expert, call PCE now. 


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